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Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

Startup Stories

Projecteve ( Inspiring women reinventing Their careers ) has a section titled Startup Stories in principle , any registered user can post .
I write this post after reading the post Startup Stories - The Birth of TheconstantRambler.com published on that website and do pojeteve to highlight the issues that must be answered to tell the story , but it should also serve to " write history " , ie , the questions are pretty spot on, you have to ask and answer to start a project (although I added some ) :

1. Product or service
2. What makes you launch a business, the business , the project?
3. What problem does or what satisfies your project need ?
4. What is the dimension of the need or problem ? collective goal
5. What is the biggest challenge you have faced or overcome or try to think that you will present ?
6. A word that people can use to describe
7. How you 've helped or can we help?
8. A tip on your industry .

There is a previous post in this blog, which makes references to entrepreneurial issues , although in this case refers to entrepreneurs with high growth potential

8 Tips - strategies to not " burn " in the company

" Burned " if any " Hayles " . And there , on the part of the "work" as part of especially small entrepreneurs and " entrepreneur " . Avoid "die" in the attempt . " And of course, though not perceive the symptoms, " fire " and " coals " are not produced by espeontánea generation. Should be to track key " markers "or" indicators " of" heat "

The truth is that although you can sometimes take control of our lives and actions , the environment we " wrapped " us " masters " and that's the real problem , losing control.

Below I present eight strategies tips (8 Strategies to Avoid Small Business Burnout ) Jackie Nagel which I found interesting for reflection:

1. Set priorities based on the objectives

2. Working in cycles 40/20 (40 minutes focused on collaborative task 20 ) . interesting contribution

3. Not multittarea

4. delegate

5. Look after your health . It is difficult for others to do it for you

6. Play more , or just play , have fun

7. Break weekends

8. Disconnect from the technology . This is the most difficult for many people advice.

The question or summary of this post should be " balanced " your life is yours and you're gonna have to live .

The identity of the entrepreneur

I just read a post that talks about the " entrepreneurial skills " written by Juan Luis Manfredi (@ juanmanfredi ) last 30/08/2013 and fits in some way with my idea of ​​" identity entrepreneur" . On the other hand , recently , I read a tweet that said something like " If you wish to continue , you have to get ahead." And that's the issue , first put forward, and then to follow you . I conclude this introduction citing transparency I just saw a video of Fernando Polo ( creative territory ) that said " Warning, convert and retain ." I mean, you have to get attention, then " convert " , "modern" say " catch " and then something else, loyalty , love.

I find interesting the qualities attributed to @ juanmanfredi entrepreneur: copy , negotiating , open, humorous , generous, and lucky. I also find interesting the qualities quote Reid Hoffman , founder of LinkedIn : concrete competitive advantage, personal networks , intelligent risk capacity .

Companies Prefer Blondes

This morning I discovered a post meneame was saying that I do not know on what basis , " Why companies do not like employees over 30 years," and you offered the following whys :

- The age of the current directors , young (about mindunguis ? ) , Who fear the questioning of his authority by the " madurito "

- The belief young employees are more malleable (about mindunguis ? )

- The leadership skills of employed adults with more experience ( is equal to the first )

- Age correlates with greater " stiffness " . It could also be correlated with consistency , values ​​, principles , experience, etc. .

Without wanting to be too " macho " , this reminds me of that " men prefer blondes ..... " and not continue with the joke not to hurt anyone's feelings .

The labor reform has made ​​eggs. Labor reform is allowing a real cut in wages and a brutal downgrade rights . Is somewhat frivolous wanting to deepen the wound of workers oldest. What is happening is not a cyclical change , even a change of model is working and possibly social exclusion of a generation.

Even so , there are still companies that hire experienced and talented ( lol) . For example , the odd bank or phone operator or energy that hire former ministers or presidents of government.

In the unions , and the porn sites , you must create a section , category or hashtag " madurito " or " wenches " . This group is the real problem of Spain , today and tomorrow , and if not to tiermpo .

How to create your "brand" to live happy and not die trying

I just found another "pearl " that talks about the "identity" of the person and their happiness. THE article entitled How To Brand Yourself To Live a Happier Life I found very interesting in that it is in line with what I have been saying all along .

Jim Joseph , is to say that although we do not realize , every day of our lives , we are creating our "brand" or what is the same projecting our image. And what ends up saying is that the " marketing " what it does is create a consistent experience for our "customers" , whether you're running a big company or just 're managing your life . The question is " take control of your life "

The following recommendations are included in the core of his thesis :

As you start to think your staff acerca brand , You should :

    Identify your skills and ownable staff attributes (the ones You have now or the ones you want to acquire over time) .
    Make sure you can excel at each of Those skills and attributes .
    Determine Whether you can use them to differentiate yourself from others .
    Consider If These skills will bring you success and happiness over the course of your life ( The most important part) .

I recommend reading. Interesting.

Minggu, 17 November 2013

Travelling to London to learn English

It is amazing to be mentioned that many people traveling to the city of London do so with a purely educational purpose , which relates directly to the learning of English , this is something easy to do in the city because there a lot of schools and institutes dedicated to that end .

No matter if the trip to the city of London is to mark work, holidays or just for fun , because in either situation can be exploited to try to learn English in a more professional and specialized . However, there are those who will dare to be certain recommendations when wanting to learn English in London, must take some of them as our interest to spend in this beautiful city on our next vacation .

Tips for learning English in a school in London

The first thing to know is that in London are often taken entrance exams pupil location at a certain level , all depending on your knowledge and budget to invest in the academy where you will enroll . These assessment courses usually done in the months of June and December. Not recommended ( according to many students) to enroll in June but rather, December 2 , because in the first there is too much demand and therefore prices are too high to pay .

International House is one of the schools to learn English in the city of London , which as teachers usually senior students practicing in the same , why is one of the cheaper alternatives to adopt an economical way . In addition to the existing academies in London , learning English can be easier than you think if you are a sociable person , since that would involve factor with neighbors, friends or anyone who was present at the front and so learn faster the English language.